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If your rabbit is a great hay eater then we recommend using the other concentrated adult formula that allows you to feed less pellets.

Grain & Soy-Free, and formulated with premium Timothy Hay, whole natural oil seeds (with flax seed), and chelated minerals to promote digestive health and a shiny fur coat! This is formerly known as Maintenance and Support.

Sherwood’s unique formula uses alfalfa (instead of the commonly used soybean meal) because it is a more natural, healthier and balanced source of protein that rabbits are adapted to. It is blended with premium grass hay and fortified with additional nutrients. Veterinarians agree that this diet is superior to the grain/soy based diets on the market today.

By the time bunnies reach about 11 to 12 weeks of age they are "teenagers" and need to switch to a diet that is lower in energy and fortified with specific nutrients. This helps them mature without getting fat. In fact it will help them stay trim and active and you'll know that they are healthy on the inside because you'll see the difference in the quality of their fur coat on the outside!
Your bunny will live a healthier and ‘hoppier’ life.
Adult Rabbit Food - 12 weeks and older
Complete and balanced food for Adult Pet Rabbits.
Net Weight ? lbs.

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein,minimum14%

Crude Fat, minimum5%

Crude Fiber, minimum (maximum)24% (29%)

moisture, maximum10%

Calcium, minimum (maximum)0.7% (1.2%)

Phosphorous, minimum0.4%

Salt, minimum (maximum)0.25% (0.75%)

Ingredients: Alfalfa hay, timothy hay, whole oil seed blend (flax included)*, Monodicalcium phosphate, salt, choline chloride, essential amino acids, chelated minerals, B-vitamins, cobalt carbonate.
*We only use high quality cleaned whole ingredients and grind them fresh just prior to pelleting. Our custom blend of whole oil seeds, essential amino acids, and chelated minerals perfectly complements and balances the nutrients already naturally found in the food ingredients.

Feeding Directions: This hay-based grain/soy-free food is a balanced, fortified and complete food containing correct amounts of long-strand fiber. It can be fed free-choice as a daily diet because it is balanced, low in calories and provides additional Timothy grass hay. As a result your bunny will regulate its own food intake. It will help overweight rabbits shed excess body fat and help underweight rabbits gain healthy weight and improved muscle tone by supplying essential nutrients needed for optimal health.

Caution:Store food in a dark and dry location.
Sherwood Forest Natural Rabbit Food LLC.

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  1. Healthiest Rabbit Food

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Dec 2014

    I wanted healthy pallets made with grass for my two adult rabbits and was happy to find these! Luckily my rabbits like them too. These are all they eat, except for a small portion of veggie or fruits per day. I am glad to say my rabbits are healthy and happy!

  2. Great pellets!

    Posted by Patti on 14th Dec 2014

    I am just finishing up my first 19 pound box of pellets. The bunnies love it and there is barely and dust in the bottom!


    Posted by Sherry on 9th Dec 2014

    I started out with the juvenile version but then moved on to the adult version and the result is the same. She comes running when I take her bowl to fill. Let me say, she is a Flemish Giant rabbit and eats a fair amount but it's way worth it to me as she loves it and is very healthy. Keep up the good work!!

  4. Rabbits give rave reviews

    Posted by EAG on 3rd Dec 2014

    From the moment you open the box, you know something is different (and better). You can see the difference and you can smell the difference. This is the greenest, freshest smelling food you'll ever feed your rabbits. You'll feel good about what you're feeding your little buddies, and they'll feel great about what they're eating.

  5. Best Bun-Bun Food Ever!

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Dec 2014

    You can really tell the difference with the high quality bunny food you get when you first open the package. The grains are bright green and not a dull gray-ish tan like in other food pellets you see in most pet stores. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants maintain a healthy rabbit diet for their pet.

  6. She loves it !

    Posted by Marie A on 29th Nov 2014

    my Daisy absolutely loves her new food ! always looking for more. She only gets a small amount at a time with her hay. Now the trick is to always have some on hand. That's why I got 19 pounds ! packed it way in airtight containers so it will last a while . Thank-you so much !!

  7. Rosie the Giant tried to rip the box out of my hands

    Posted by Holly on 19th Nov 2014

    I have 7 Buns and all but one went crazy on just the smell alone. Rosie, the Flemish Giant mix tired to rip open the box for me. All the others were just as excited to eat it & gobbled it up. Except for Lucky. He wouldn't touch it. The problem is he is the one who needs it. I usually don't feed pellets. I don't like what is in all the other pellets in the stores, so I only feed hay and greens. Except Lucky. He is a rescue who only ate junk. He also has misaligned teeth, so he has trouble eating hay. He has to have his teeth trimmed every 3 weeks and does better with pellets. He snubbed the new food. I would say regular pellets are like eating McDonalds everyday, so I am sure he is addicted to junk food. I'll keep trying.

  8. It's fantastic, buns love it!

    Posted by Stephanie on 15th Nov 2014

    It smells so good and the bunnies love it!

  9. :( Won't Touch It

    Posted by ccbunny on 15th Nov 2014

    Unfortunately, just because I think food looks and smells great for my buns - and truly is better for them, this DID NOT work. They will not touch it. I've tried for well over a month, mixing with their old food and even giving them only this. I was even sent a sample bag of the baby formula to give them, or mix with it to get them started. All to no avail :( They won't touch it or eat everything but. They are very small dwarf bunnies and barely get a tablespoon twice a day between the two of them. Kudos to Sherwood Forest for trying to work with me, but it appears that what I have will be a donation to the Rescue that I volunteer for.

  10. My flemmie LOVES this!

    Posted by JustJen on 14th Nov 2014

    When I brought my flemish giant home, his urine smelled so strongly I had to completely empty and refill his LARGE litter box everyday. (He had been eating farm store rabbit chow) Two weeks after finishing the transition to sherwood, I'm confident I could go three or four days without changing his litter and there would be no smell. His coat is looking so much better and he LOVES to eat his pellets.

  11. very fresh product

    Posted by william toth on 12th Nov 2014

    Bunny loves the food. Great prices and fresh food.

  12. Awesome

    Posted by Varner on 12th Nov 2014

    I wouldn't buy anything else. This is all natural.

  13. beautful happy bunnies!

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Nov 2014

    I am so happy to have found this bunny food! The pellets are rich, beautiful green and the bunnies love them! Their coats are thick and beautiful. Their urine is much, much less strong smelling. They just look great. We free feed Timothy hay and they get daily greens as well. I was really worried about feeding them right, but not now after finding this high quality food.

    Oh, and I can't say enough good things about how easy it is to order and how fast the processing and shipping times are.

  14. A Hoppier bunny indeed!

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Nov 2014

    My bunny was having terrible troubles with fecal. That's all gone now ! He's noticeably happier with lots of spunk and dance! His fur is growing like crazy and his coat is nice and soft. And he loves his food! His appetite has tripled too!!! Enjoys being hand fed as well !

  15. Much better than feed store stuff.

    Posted by James in WYO on 6th Nov 2014

    I was recommended to try this with my girls at the beginning of summer and have found it to be worth every penny. Much more active, better coats, just all around much better. Can't wait for the organic.

  16. Great Stuff!

    Posted by Hopalong Hollow on 3rd Nov 2014

    I run a rabbit rescue and recently switched to Sherwood Forest adult pellets for free feeding. The bunnies love it and I am thrilled with the way we are able to use far less hay since I am violently allergic to hay! Thank you so much for a wonderful product!

  17. Fresh and Healthy

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Nov 2014

    I just love this rabbit food! My holland babies are so healthy. I never have issues with weaning. The food is so fresh, I don't have to worry about mold issues.

  18. Elderbun thrives

    Posted by Gail on 1st Nov 2014

    I have an elderbun who is 11 1/2. He had smudgebutt that did not respond to treatment until I switched to Sherwood Forest Adult. Within 2 days he was free and clear of excess cecals and smudgebutt. There was no 'break in' period. He sucked it up like a Hoover the first day. Thank you so much!

  19. Excellent Rabbit Food

    Posted by Debbie on 29th Oct 2014

    Our Rabbit, Socks, is much healthier, has a shinier coat and just looks great when eating this product.

  20. Great product

    Posted by Valorie T on 24th Oct 2014

    This rabbit food is shipped quickly and my bunny loves it.

  21. Smells GREAT, but buns won't eat. : (

    Posted by Stephanie R on 24th Oct 2014

    Unfortunately, after first mixing food to get them used to it and then mixing with baby rabbit food - only 1 (mini-rex) will eat it. Sometimes my 2nd mini-rex will, but my Dutch and 2 Lionheads just eat around it and leave it all in the bowel. Ugh... it smells GREAT! WONDERFUL!! and I KNOW it is so much better for them, but I've tried all that I know and they just won't eat it. I VERY MUCH appreciate the customer service!!!! They sent me FREE a small package of baby rabbit food to see if it would help them get used to it. REALLY wish it had of. Smells good enough to eat and came very FRESH.

  22. Keeping it natural

    Posted by Lisa N on 23rd Oct 2014

    My bunnies all love this food, and I feel good about providing it for them. Since I am part of a foster network, and voluntarily give of my time and resources, I wish Sherwood Forest would recognize me with reduced shipping costs and/or a bulk discount.

  23. Go crazy

    Posted by Varner on 21st Oct 2014

    I will always buy your food. My rabbits go crazy when they are feed.

  24. Fresh, Vibrant Green Rabbit Food

    Posted by Jen on 9th Oct 2014

    The first time I purchased this adult rabbit food, I was immediately impressed by the fresh color and aroma. It was such a stark difference from the dull, lifeless, cardboard-looking stuff from the pet store. Our two rabbits are very happy eating it, along with a supply of timothy hay and the occasional salad. I am very pleased to have found Sherwood Forest, and would not even consider going back to the processed name-brand stuff.

  25. My bunny loves it!

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Oct 2014

    It's hard to find a non-GMO option for pet food, but thankfully Sherwood makes it and does so at a reasonable price. And my picky little bunny loves it, so everyone's happy.

  26. Wonderful food!

    Posted by DM on 22nd Sep 2014

    My rabbits practically inhail this! I have never fed pellets because they always have grains and soy in them and often sugar as well.. I found out about this product and tried it. It's a hit and they get a small serving a day and also get it as a special treat.

  27. The "girls" love their new food!

    Posted by Wendy on 16th Sep 2014

    Just place my order on Monday afternoon for this food for our young does and it arrived Wednesday morning! Talk about quick. I am amazed at how this food smells and looks. It smells wonderful and the texture looks so much more appetizing than those brown round pellets I had been buying. The "girls" love their new food and I am so excited to have found something so good for them.......oh yeah, and no yucky pellet dust at the bottom of the bag . Also their customer service is phenomenal - had a couple of questions for them and both David and Bob got back to me right away. They really care!!

  28. Awesome product!!

    Posted by Jody on 16th Sep 2014

    I tried the 2lb free sample and my bun just went nuts over it! Came back and bought 12 more pounds! The minute I rattle the pellets, my bun starts running in circles and thumping with excitement!! He's been on Maintenance and Support Rabbit Food for about a month now and his coat is so shiny and sleek and he is much more playful! Thank you Sherwood Forest!

  29. Great product!

    Posted by Matthew on 6th Sep 2014

    In bulk it costs just as much or less than the inferior and unhealthy food that pet stores sell but in my opinion if it did cost more I would still buy it. Not only have I seen an improvement in my bunnies health but they are happier as well. I get the impression the the poor quality food from the pet store was not comfortable for them to digest not to mention all the other bad things about it (read the details on this website, you will learn a lot). Thank you so much for providing this great food for our bunnies. I can't imagine having to buy the inferior, unhealthy food that is sold everywhere else.

  30. Feeling Confident

    Posted by Pamela DeRensis on 28th Aug 2014

    My two bunnies love it! I feel very confident in my choice of natural rabbit food for my bunny boys. I know it's only good stuff and not additives that I have to worry about later.

  31. Healthy bunnies!

    Posted by Jacque on 25th Aug 2014

    I am new to being a rabbit owner after rescuing two rabbits. I went online to find out what rabbit diets should consist of and got a bit overwhelmed. I give them a variety of fresh greens and treats but I love knowing that Sherwood Forest is a complete nutritional meal that they both eat right up!

  32. Silkier fur

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Aug 2014

    I ordered this food for my rabbit Scout and my MIL's rabbit Andy. Andy's fur was thin and wire like. It is amazing, but after 2 weeks on this food, he has soft, shinier and thicker fur. Scout's fur is even softer than it was. They love this food and we love what it is doing for their coats.

  33. The best

    Posted by Summer of on 18th Aug 2014

    We have tried a lot of different foods since our bunny is a senior 9 years old and this last year had gastro intestinal problem and is supposed to have timothy hay but he wasn't eating much of it but when we found this kibble he went wild with excitement and seems healed.

  34. My lionhead loves this stuff

    Posted by Kalie on 11th Aug 2014

    Seems very nutritious! Everything was fresh and delivered quickly! No complaints and my bunny loves it! I even think his coat is shinier now!

  35. Bunny Bliss

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Aug 2014

    My daughter's new 3 month old Holland Lop bun loves Sherwood Forest Natural Rabbit food. He is always standing at the gate to his home when he see's his bowl. Thanks for a great product!

  36. Bunny prefers Sherwood Forest

    Posted by Alexandra on 6th Aug 2014

    My daughter neglected to tell me until last night that she was out of Sherwood Rabbit feed for our bunny and had been since that morning. I ran down to the grocery store to grab a bag of bunny feed to tide him over until I could get in a new bag or box of Sherwood feed, and that smart little bunny took one sniff and dumped his feed all over the cage floor! Guess not only do do his humans appreciate Sherwood Forest feed, but this bunny does too! Needless to say, we will not be running out of feed again! Thanks for such a top quality product.

  37. Vegan Rabbit Pellets A Welcome Change!

    Posted by Jonathan Grindell on 31st Jul 2014

    I was stoked to discover rabbit pellets made from timothy hay without vitamin D3, which is derived from sheep. So far, the pickier of the 2 companion rabbits I care for is all about the pellets! Good stuff :)

  38. Best rabbit good ever!

    Posted by Roberta on 29th Jul 2014

    My "boy" is going on 11 years now.....
    Last 4 years he's been souly on this food !
    It smells so good when I open the box !
    Fresh, fresh, fresh!
    I owe a lot of my rabbits ongoing health to the nutrients
    Found in this mixture.... I've turned all my
    Bunny Mates on to the delicious formula,
    And the people that work at and for this company
    Are just great!
    Keep up the great work!

  39. Quality food for your Rabbit

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Jul 2014

    My rabbits have been eating this organic pellet for a couple of years now and continue to thrive. Our Vet finally tried the food with some of her rabbits. She wondered what is in the food that especially make it better for older rabbits. I said its not what's in the food, it's what's not in the food - soy. Rabbits should eat this food throughout their life not just when older.

  40. Rabbit food

    Posted by Elizabeth Hopkins on 15th Jul 2014

    We have been extremely happy with the rabbit food from Sherwood. We are not loosing money. That is a blessing. Thank you for providing high quality food.

  41. incredibly soft coat!

    Posted by Meredith on 15th Jul 2014

    We began buying Sherwood Forest Natural Rabbit Food for our rabbits shortly after we
    adopted our first bunny. He has loved it! He always has an incredibly soft coat.
    We sometimes use the pellets as small treats because he loves them so much. When we
    adopted our second rabbit, we bought some of the food she had been eating at her
    farm. When we began mixing her farm food with Sherwood Forest's food, she soon
    began picking out just the Sherwood Forest food and ignoring the farm food! Both of
    our rabbits practically attack us in the morning when they know their pellets are
    coming. They get more excited about Sherwood Forest's pellets than they do their
    salads in the evenings! The customer service at Sherwood is wonderful as well. I
    wholeheartedly give Sherwood Forest Natural Rabbit food 5 stars. Thank you!

  42. Absolutely loves your food!!!!!

    Posted by Lisa on 15th Jul 2014

    My 4 month old lop ear absolutely loves your food!!!!! It smells so fesh and she atacks the bin when I go to replenish her feed dish!! I would absolutely rate this product and your company as a 5++++. I think the convenience of ordering online and the quick shipping, from my perspective is awesome, and my bunny loves the food. My other rabbit used to eat another product for almost 2 years, and was overweight and really did not love the food. This new bunny will NEVER have another product because this is my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. My bunnies love it!

    Posted by Julia on 15th Jul 2014

    I used to buy the rabbit food in the store with the seeds and different colored pellets. I was in horror when I did research online only to find out that that is the worst food you can feed rabbits. So then I found this food and I was so pleased that it was around the same price I was paying before, but a much better quality. My rabbits were skeptical at first but now they love it! When I come down in the morning to feed them they weave in between my feet and can't wait to chow down on their food. This is definitely worth your money to buy, and it is good knowing that it is good for them too!

  44. Too High in Fat

    Posted by on 8th Jul 2014

    These pellets have 5% fat which is way too high. Our rabbit expert vet warned us that any pellet with more than 2 MAYBE 3% total fat content can cause health problems. I wish the fat content was lower as these pellets are extremely fresh and high quality.

    NOTE FROM BIOLOGIST: Rabbits are far more efficient at digesting and using fat (up to 10% depending upon life-stage) than digesting starch. Most formulas add grains (starch) for energy but these just end up in the caecum and contribute to bloat. Ironically starch that enters the caecum is converted to fats that are absorbed by the rabbit and then used.

  45. One happy, healthy rabbit!

    Posted by ScottyB on 7th Jul 2014

    We've been given our rabbit this product for almost his entire 4 years of life and he has remained incredibly healthy, happy, sweet, and looking great! As with all of us humans, we're certain he is so healthy because of the excellent diet he gets. We give him as much as he wants, he'll eat until he's full then save some later. We are more than pleased with this product and highly recommend it to all our friends and family members. Thanks Sherwood for such a great product!

  46. Hoppy hoppy bunnies

    Posted by Janice Long on 7th Jul 2014

    We can not express how satisfied we are about our first experience with Sherwood. To have found a feed and company that meets and exceeds the standards and goes above and beyond. This is the first time our bunny Marshall did not throw his dish and was instead he was holding the dish down to make sure it did not move. We would recommend Sherwood to everyone who is looking for a fresh healthy feed from a company that is very quick about answer question and super fast shipping. This will most definitely be the only place we go for our bunny feed. Thank You Sherwood Forest for caring about our bunnies as much as we do.

  47. Wonderful Green

    Posted by Roxy on 27th Jun 2014

    Nipoleon just LOVES his adult rabbit diet of timothy hay pellets. And he is quite addicted to it. So fresh, so green. I would eat it if I was a bunny, or hungry enough!

  48. Mmmmmm smells good!

    Posted by Cynthia on 25th Jun 2014

    Great stuff! Arrived in a timely manner, fair price, smells so good and most important, all of my buns love it!
    I love that there is no junk in fillers like grains & soy, no peanuts (what's up with those fiesta mix foods anyhow?) and it smells fresh, fresh, fresh!

  49. safe for all animals on the farm

    Posted by Leslie on 24th Jun 2014

    I searched high & low for a rabbit food that was grain free. I have goats as well & did not want to worry about them eating grain. This is a quality product healthy for all animals on the farm! Thank you for being a pioneer in the making the change towards less grain in our animal diets. Happy i found you!

  50. Not a Hay Eater? Try Maintenance & Support!

    Posted by Stacey on 24th Jun 2014

    My Della is over 10 years old, has a couple of missing molars, and needs frequent molar remodeling (floating.)She's also eats so little hay that I can't tell she's eaten any. The M&S pellets have been great for her! You can tell a rabbit is eating well by its poop. Big + plentiful = healthy rabbit, right? Della's is now plentiful and of a healthy size. She likes the M&S and will go right back to it even right after a molar remodel. It's such a relief for me to know she's getting the fiber she needs!

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