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Review of the month - miracles for some rescued guinea pigs!

Tried, Trusted, and True

Posted by Alexandra Crippen on 14th Jul 2015

As a professional in animal welfare, there is little I do for my animals that isn't backed by hours of research. For that, David has always been very accommodating. My first experiences with Sherwood were with their rabbit food. With such great results, I could not wait to get my hands on a bag of Sherwood Forest Adult Guinea Pig Food. (Just ask! I stalked their website and pre-ordered a bag before they could even launch it!) My two troublesome sows have now been on SF for a month and already, I've seen the results I have come to expect from Sherwood Forest products. LuLu, a rescued Teddy/Abby sow, had a problem keeping weight off on the grain packed pellets I was stuck feeding to her. Her gut grew and it would rarely get lifted off of her fleece floor. Since switching, she has lost some weight and has far more joyful energy. She suffers from lung scaring due to the poor living conditions prior to her rescue and the extra weight was terrible for her breathing. My other problem child, Molly, a 4 year old American sow with chronic urinary sludge and infections was my real "guinea pig" for the new food. Molly was on a popular alfalfa-free pellet and suffering from sludge at the slightest increase of calcium in her diet. She was limited to just a few select veggies and still had to be on antibiotics occasionally to fight off urinary tract infections. While most hesitate to feed a pellet with Alfalfa to a sludge-prone pig, I already knew that it wasn't the calcium or Alfalfa causing her problems; It was all the junk, unbalanced formulas, and artificial vitamins (like D3). Sure enough, since switching Molly to SF, she has been able to eat lettuce again without a trace of sludge. Not only is she healthier but she is happier since making the switch. She can have all her favorite veggies again and has lost the sagging belly that she had for over a year. As a piggy mom, rescuer, and research-a-holic, I look forward to helping others find the magic that is Sherwood Forest (although slightly offensive to call it such as this is science at its very best)!

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